Andrew Marc Greene

Puzzles that I have created



Variety puzzles

  • "The Feast of Masks" -- A puzzle for Purim 5774. Answers (14 Mar 2014)
  • "A Cute Puzzle" -- A puzzle for my birthday. Answers (11 Mar 2014)
  • "It's Time to Light the Lights" -- A puzzle for Chanukah 5774. Answers (27 Nov 2013)
  • "The AMG 'Zine", a miniganza (puzzle set) that I wrote for my fortieth-birthday party. Answers and explanations.
  • "Sweet Sixteen" -- A puzzle for my wife on the occasion of sixteen years of marriage. (31 July 2010)
  • A short puzzle set that I wrote to celebrate the launch of Adobe's website
  • "Purim Puzzler" -- a set of short puzzles for Purim 5768 (2008). Hints are available for puzzles 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9; as are the answers. There are two errata on puzzle 7: The instructions say "the numbers indicate how many other visited blocks you can reach..." but the numbers also include the block containing the number, as in the example. (Thanks, Treesong!) Also, the fifth neighborhood does not have a unique solution, but which of the three possible solutions is intended should be clear once you compare it to the other four. (Thanks, Btnirn!)
  • "Oy, Hanukah!" -- a set of short puzzles with a tenuous connection to Hanukah created for the JCDS Oren Parents' Night. (2007/5768) And, of course, the answers

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